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Hi, I'm Lee G Lovett. Retired Attorney and Author

Lee G Lovett's Bio:

Lee G. Lovett is the author of Happiness in Seven Steps. The book chronicles his own experiences and difficulties finding happiness in his life, and through his work and life balance. Though it's his first book, it's really the culmination of a lifetime of interest in books, and philosophy. Lee G. Lovett is more famous though for his time as an attorney. After graduating from George Washington University, he was responsible for creating several law firms in the 60s to the 80s. Many of which took on high profile cases between telecommunications companies and the FCC. In fact, this afforded Lee G. Lovett the opportunity to turn entrepreneur as well, and he invested in several technology start-ups related to telecommunications and cell phones. Lee plans on writing several books, and is currently working on more.  At the moment, he's focused on spending his time enjoying his retirement, family life, and keeping engaged in the happenings around Washington D.C.. 

Lee G Lovett's Education:

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